About MHB Investments

What makes us different?

Total Personal Commitment:

We will personally fund all or a significant part of each investment made by MHB. The partners of MHB have collectively committed a minimum of $30 million of personal funds to construct the portfolio.

Ability to Execute Quickly:

We will act quickly to evaluate and make investments. Our first portfolio investment was evaluated and acquired inside two weeks.

Experience that Matters:

We are not angel investors. In most cases, the MHB team will manage investments directly or with a hand-picked CEO. This may be the existing CEO, an MHB executive or another seasoned technology executive whose work we know and trust. We have worked together, learned together and grown as business leaders together for many years now, making MHB a cohesive and formidable team.

It’s amazing what you can achieve
when you don’t care who gets the credit