Corporate Restructuring and Recovery

The partners of MHB have been involved in turning around multiple companies in various industries, particularly in the technology space.

MHB Consulting specialises in the management of change and in maximizing the tangible value of investments. We provide extensive firsthand experience in all functional areas. We are able to help companies make the hard decisions because we have had to do it ourselves as line managers rather than as advisors. 

MHB Consulting assumes hands-on responsibility for company management and direction, working with current management, reporting to the Board and doing whatever is required to maximise value.

We remove barriers to success; instill agile management techniques; re-integrate disparate functions, locations and management objectives and build effective and dedicated teams. We hone strategy and craft appropriate tactics, which we execute or teach to management.

We specialise in corporations with revenues in the $2 million to $350 million range.  We are also highly experienced with struggling companies who may need a restart or a turnaround and redirection.

MHB Consulting specialises in situations where in-house expertise is either not available or not suitable. Our consultants are experienced in both large and small companies on short-to-medium term assignments.

Examples of areas in which we can provide expertise and assistance are:

  • Crisis management — cash management, asset reduction and short term financing;
  • Stakeholder management — debt and equity providers, suppliers, customers, managers and staff;
  • Turnaround planning — leadership, strategic focus, organisational change, and critical process improvements;
  • Financial restructuring — increasing working capital to acceptable levels.
  • Due Diligence
  • Facilitating achievement of capital requirements for companies that are ready for the next stage of growth or that need alternative funding sources.

We provide management for companies in crisis while leading them back to health. We perform due diligence, we install the basics of organisation and management for start-ups and we can provide temporary replacements at times of unexpected executive change to facilitate seamless transitions.  Additionally, we are able to take on longer assignments if required.   

It’s amazing what you can achieve
when you don’t care who gets the credit