Mergers and Acquisitions

We identify candidates based on company requirements for acquisitions, strategic partnering or divestiture and then assist in completion of the transaction, transition or both.  

Our value in supporting mergers and acquisitions activity comes from our hands-on experience in buying, selling and integrating technology companies. Put simply, we have done this successfully many times. The industry has seen great acquisitions fail because of improper integration, but we have also seen acquisitions with payback periods in weeks rather than years.

Having been involved in M&A activity for most of our careers, the partners of MHB can help you make good M&A choices and implement those choices properly.

Examples of areas in which we can provide direction and support are:

  • Identifying products/divisions to divest
  • Identifying acquisition targets
  • Due diligence technology reviews
  • Due diligence operational reviews e.g. review of sales pipelines in targets
  • Establishing an integration plan
  • Key employee retention strategies

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