Operational Improvements

We can perform specific projects such as re-engineering corporate operations, recommending product or market focus changes, developing and implementing strategic plans, expanding or contacting international operations, initiating or restructuring distribution channels and solving other operational problems.


  • Sales — We have considerable experience in running sales and marketing functions in IT companies with a track record of increasing sales revenues very quickly. We are experts in evaluating sales pipelines, which is critical in performing due diligence exercises and in focusing resources to the right place to deliver results.
  • Product Development — We have deep experience in building application software and can quickly establish whether a product is technically sound, scalable and, most importantly, marketable.
  • Governance — We have a strong understanding of legal and licensing issues in the technology sector which allows us to quickly diagnose problem areas in a due diligence cycle, resolve disputes quickly and advantageously, and find areas where existing contracts can deliver additional revenue.
  • Offshoring/Outsourcing — We have practical experience in outsourcing and where this will fit into an organization. We understand the challenges associated with outsourcing and how to solve them. Everything can be outsourced in theory – we can make it work in practice.

It’s amazing what you can achieve
when you don’t care who gets the credit